Garden Gate® Team Programs are for teams and organisations that want to manage change and optimise their members and the team as a whole. Team programs combine individual preparation and self-optimisation with a structured exploration of team communication, non-communication and dynamics. Team members complete the program with a deeper understanding of themselves and a shared language to manage conflict and enhance team optimisation over time.

Team programs are tailored using the following criteria:

  • current team dynamics
  • scope of team objectives
  • level of focus on individual and/or team optimisation
  • level of personal disclosure from team members
  • number of team members
  • time available

Cost and options

Costs: Agreed once the scope of the program is determined

Location: Agreed once the scope and date of the program is determined

Your location: The team program can run at an alternative location by agreement, however off-site is recommended. Costs are agreed in advance and are dependent on location and travel arrangements.

Day: Thursday and Friday