The Garden Gate® is a series of self-optimisation and change management programs designed to enable you to discover your relationship with yourself and the world. To redefine it as you want. To maintain it over time.

2020-2021 has brought significant change to all our lives. The Garden Gate Program provides a structured framework to take stock, examine previous and existing dynamics, define current options and priorities and create a detailed plan for the chapter(s) ahead. At the current time all programs are online via Google Meet/Zoom.

“I would give this a maximum mark of ten as this weekend had a very meaningful impact on me.”


Garden Gate® Programs come in a range of formats, all of which are delivered by Anne Lindley-French in groups or one to one for individuals and couples:

  • 2 Day Individual Program: the Garden Gate® in depth, for people who want one to one support throughout and require absolute confidentiality. Accommodation, preparation and follow-up sessions are usually included. At the current time this program is only available online and includes a 30% price reduction.
  • 2 Day Couple Program: the Garden Gate® in depth, one to two support for partners who want to optimise themselves and their partnership. Accommodation, preparation and follow-up sessions are usually included. At the current time this program is only available online and includes a 30% price reduction.
  • 2 Day Group Program: the Garden Gate® in a supportive group setting giving you guidance through the program without asking you to share personal details. Groups are non-residential with a maximum group size of 12. Group sessions are currently suspended.
  • Group Retreats: get away from it all, take the time and space to work through the Garden Gate in a beautiful setting that will promote and support your well-being. Ideal for people who want to a peaceful place to think. Some retreats include yoga and spa options. Maximum group size is 12. Group retreats are currently suspended.
  • Team Programs: for organisations that want to manage change with a shared language, optimise their members and the team as a whole. Team programs are currently being delivered in online format only.

You can expect the Garden Gate® to help you care for yourself and others better, communicate effectively at home and at work, become less sensitive, defensive or angry and plan for an optimised future.

Individual and couple programs are residential, including a one night stay, refreshments and lunch. Group programs are non-residential (for residential group options please see retreats).

The Garden Gate® is ideal for:

  1. People who want to work through aspects of their personal or professional life which lower their overall quality of life.
  2. People who want to maintain their well-being at an optimal level and plan for change in an insightful and highly constructive manner.
  3. People for whom confidentiality is paramount.

You will explore your boundaries, your communication, your ability to optimise your self and the importance of tuning in to your authentic self. The end result will be a version of yourself which you have chosen. Not one which follows out-dated logic, an inadequate sense of self or reliance on addictive supports. You will re-define your rules and boundaries and develop strategies for managing conflict, decision-making and appropriate use of energy and self-care.

The Garden Gate® is a structured program, building on a series of exercises, a powerful visualisation and culminating in a solid plan with review and monitoring dates. The reason that you have not been show any images of gardens is that you will create your own, as you want it, with everything you need to optimise your life. Don’t worry if you’ve never visualised anything before – read the case studies… it happens for everyone… and it works.


The Garden Gate® has 10 units. Each unit presents an idea and a method for working through it to create a personal toolkit:

  1. The Logic of the Garden Gate: understand how it works and take your current Garden Gate Score.
  2. Whose Garden?: explore your internal-external validation system and who is important.
  3. Four Legged Chair: define your priorities and measure how fully they are currently met.
  4. Chapters: chart the changes in your life and define what prompted change for you.
  5. Layers: map the evolution of your life and see what has shaped you.
  6. Rule Book for Self: understand what has made you tick and how would you like to tick going forward.
  7. Communication: define your Communication Mix and learn how to break negative chains of communication.
  8. See Your Garden: visualise your garden, look at what came before and what you want to come next.
  9. Symbolic and Safe Places: create symbolic and safe places to protect you and your garden going forward.
  10. Your Garden Gate Plan: develop a plan for your current chapter and set a review date to monitor its progress.

To work successfully with the Garden Gate® you will need to:

  • Commit to your chosen program
  • Prepare in advance by completing a Self Assessment and Optimisation Log
  • Engage fully (there is a lot to cover in a short time and it’s hard work)
  • Practice the Garden Gate® actively in your life to allow your new Garden Gate® to bed in.

The Garden Gate® has been developed by Anne Lindley-French over the last decade and refined with client input. It draws on psychotherapy and counselling theory to create a framework which can be used quickly and in the now – life doesn’t give us much time to think.

The Garden Gate® abides by the Ethical Framework on standards and confidentiality of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.