2 Day Group Program: Garden Gate Therapeutic Self-Optimisation 11th & 12th January 2020


“It was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had and that includes counselling sessions!”

Undergoing career or relationship changes? Feel stuck and want to unlock the real story hidden within? Need a shared language to help discuss difficult aspects? Have you got a deep ambition to optimise your potential and progress forward?

The Garden Gate® provides high impact therapeutic self-optimisation and change management programs – highly focused and structured intensive counselling and coaching for individuals, couples and teams who want to achieve a lot in a short space of time.

The January group in Sheffield invites individuals, couples and health care practitioners* to start 2020 as they mean to go on. You will be guided through a detailed exploration of where you are and how you got there, you will then determine what you want for the chapter ahead. Over 2 days you will create a robust framework for yourself which can be picked up at any point in your life to take stock, reflect and plan. (* 12 hours Attendance Certificate from The Academy: SPACE Professional & Development Forum.)


In this group program you will develop a personalised toolkit which enables you to explore your relationship with yourself and the world, your subconscious limitations and the way in which you communicate. You will define what you want going forward and create your own way to maintain it over time. Feedback from recent participants include:

“I genuinely keep getting shocked about how calm I am now in comparison to how I was. I can’t thank you enough.” 

“I can’t recommend this program enough, I’m actually excited to see what the future holds going forward knowing I have the right tools to deal with any difficult situations that may arise & how to maintain my own energy while doing so!” 

Please have a look at https://gardengate.org.uk/case-studies/ to read case studies from previous clients.


The Garden Gate® has been developed by Anne Lindley-French MBA, MA, MBACP, FHEA over the last decade and refined with client input. She developed the Garden Gate program as a result of trying to understand and explain how theory works in practice. The program draws on psychotherapy and counselling theory to create a framework which can be used quickly and in the now.

Anne is a Counsellor and Lecturer working with adults, couples and groups.  She is the founder member of the Beacon Counselling & Coaching Group and a Tutor for trainee counsellors at The Academy: SPACE. She draws on a business and teaching background developed as a Senior and Visiting Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University Business School and Sheffield University Management School, an Investment Banking Consultant at Hogarth Davies Lloyd and Management Trainee at Ford Credit Europe.


The Garden Gate® is a structured supportive program, building on a series of exercises, a powerful visualisation and culminating in your own exciting solid plan with review and monitoring dates. You will explore your boundaries, your communication, your ability to optimise your self and the importance of tuning in to your authentic self. The end result will be the inspiring version of yourself which you have chosen! It’s your time to re-define your rules and boundaries and develop strategies for managing conflict, decision-making and appropriate use of your energy and self-care.


Join Anne from 9.30am to 4.30pm on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January 2020 at The Academy SPACE, 1A Filey Street, Sheffield S1 2FF. Refreshments are included. You will need to bring your own lunch or eat out – Glossop Road is within easy walling distance.

This program is strictly limited to 12 attendees – email here to book your place or discuss future options.

Here’s what other attendees have said:

“The chapters section I found wonderfully liberating. Looking back to identify chapters helped me be amazingly optimistic about the future and start to plan a couple of chapters ahead (and a new subchapter is developing in the week or so since completing the weekend).” Anon

“Garden Gate is a powerful, well thought out tool for self-change and excellently delivered.” Anon

“I think this would be helpful for everyone!” Anon

“I would give this a maximum mark of ten as this weekend had a very meaningful impact on me. I found the visual imagery and metaphors really help to clarify and review my past life events and recognise the difficult road I had previously been on. It also helped to affirm my self confidence as I was reminded of my inner strengths. The most powerful aspect was the one to one which I found hugely enlightening and can say with confidence it was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had and that includes counselling sessions!” Anon

“I was surprised later, after the course, when I brought my garden into my mind and the symbolic meaning of how my garden was laid out really struck me. It so very much related to how I’ve been feeling about my life, in some ways at quite a deep, barely aware level.” Anon

“I feel I have deeply looked at, and seen, where I’ve come from and what happened to me to make me me. I don’t feel frightened to be kind to myself after taking part in the garden gate, I feel more confident in believing I am valid as a human being and accepting of all of me, even parts I don’t like.” Anon

Garden Gate® 2 Day Group Program

Garden Gate® 2 Day Group Retreat Programs are ideal for people who feel comfortable working around others and they provide an ideal platform for ongoing group support. At no point will you be asked to discuss or disclose any of your thoughts or emotions to the group (it’s quite alright be quiet if you prefer to), however the opportunity will be there for you if you want it.

The program includes:

  • Self-Optimisation Log
  • Support Strategy
  • Garden Gate Workbook
  • Group therapeutic support during all 10 units of the program
  • The option to book an online follow-up session after the program
  • The option to book online annual review sessions after the program
  • An invitation to join the Garden Gate® Self-Optimisation Network

The work is intensive and is designed to develop a detailed and precise understanding of who you are, how you behave and the dynamics at play. You will be supported in evaluating your current life, exploring your past and envisaging your future. Working at this depth and speed is demanding, tiring and can be upsetting, so you will need to take care of yourself very well during the process.


The Garden Gate® has 10 units. Each unit presents an idea and a method for working through it to create a personal toolkit:

  1. The Logic of the Garden Gate: understand how it works and take your current Garden Gate Score.
  2. Whose Garden?: explore your internal-external validation system and who is important.
  3. Four Legged Chair: define your priorities and measure how fully they are currently met.
  4. Chapters: chart the changes in your life and define what prompted change for you.
  5. Layers: map the evolution of your life and see what has shaped you.
  6. Rule Book for Self: understand what has made you tick and how would you like to tick going forward.
  7. Communication: define your Communication Mix and learn how to break negative chains of communication.
  8. See Your Garden: visualise your garden, look at what came before and what you want to come next.
  9. Symbolic and Safe Places: create symbolic and safe places to protect you and your garden going forward.
  10. Your Garden Gate Plan: develop a plan for your current chapter and set a review date to monitor its progress.

To work successfully with the Garden Gate® you will need to:

  • Commit to your chosen program
  • Prepare in advance by completing a Self Assessment and Optimisation Log
  • Engage fully (there is a lot to cover in a short time and it’s hard work)
  • Practice the Garden Gate® actively in your life to allow your new Garden Gate® to bed in.

Clothing: You will need to be as comfortable as possible. Please wear something cosy that you don’t have to think about.

Props: Bring anything which you feel makes you feel more comfortable. Ideas for this are: cosy jumper, slippers, blanket, pillow, handkerchief, photos, momentos.

The Garden Gate® abides by the Ethical Framework on standards and confidentiality of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.