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The Logic of the Garden Gate Find out how the Garden Gate® Program combines structure and fuzzy logic to provide a framework which can be used quickly and in the now. Life doesn’t give us much time to think.

How To Cope If University Gets You Down How to cope if university gets you down: 15 reasons why it might get tricky. 7 things to remember. 7 things to do if it gets tough.

What Does Your Inner Critic Actually Say?

What Does Your Inner Critic Actually Say? When the voice in your head that tells you that “you can’t”, “won’t be able to”, “it won’t work” and “you should have known better” pipes up, what does it actually say?

How Can Counselling For Personal Reasons Improve Professional Performance? People don’t come to counselling to get a promotion at work. They usually come for one of 7 other reasons. The promotion at work comes later…

What’s Different About Counselling Men? In the UK men commit suicide more than women and come to counselling less. 50% of my clients are men, I find once they decide to talk they open up quickly and work through difficult issues effectively.

When’s The Right Time For Counselling? Probably Last Year… How do we work out when enough has become enough? And how do we tell someone we care about that we’re worried? Don’t put off until next year what you could do today.

Ageing… We Never “Arrive” 2 reflections on ageing: 1 We never ‘arrive’; 2 The complexity and emotional intensity of the journey doesn’t lessen. The challenges of retirement and down-sizing.

“Swap Not Drop” Why Change Is About Alternatives Not Vacuums Ever given up on trying to change something you’d promised yourself wasn’t good for you? Did old habits creep back in once you’d lost the first flush of the rush for change?

Integrity: Am I Worth It? All of us will have felt the pressure to bend towards things which feel uncomfortable. How do we decide what’s important and whether our inner voice should be the loudest?