Case Studies & Client Feedback

Case studies are compiled 3 months after a client has completed an individual or couple Garden Gate Program so that space can be taken to reflect on the work and its effects.  They are updated after a year to explore how clients felt as time passed. They contain:

  • Overview
  • How clients felt before the program and why they chose to do it
  • A synopsis of their life over the decades
  • How they felt after the program
  • What they found most and least useful in the program
  • Anne Lindley-French’s interpretation of their experience

Names are changed to protect client’s identities but no words or circumstances are changed. Clients participate in compiling their case study, have final approval over its content and have given their consent to it being shared.

Client Feedback from the 2 Day Program

“I would give this a maximum mark of ten as this weekend had a very meaningful impact on me. It gave me insight into my current feelings of lethargy but most importantly it gave me the space to re-evaluate the relationship I have with my mother. I found the visual imagery and metaphors really help to clarify and review my past life events and recognise the difficult road I had previously been on.

It also helped to affirm my self confidence as I was reminded of my inner strengths. The most powerful aspect was the one to one which I found hugely enlightening and can say with confidence it was one of the most impactful experiences I’ve had and that includes counselling sessions!” 47 year old teacher who had experienced episodes of work related stress.


“The chapters section I found wonderfully liberating. Looking back to identify chapters helped me be amazingly optimistic about the future and start to plan a couple of chapters ahead (and a new sub-chapter is developing in the week or so since completing the weekend). The revisiting of each chapter at the end of the day was very important – it underlined that it is not a static snapshot exercise but is designed to be carried forward with us.” Anon, female, 55.


“I have struggled with depression & anxiety since my early teens and I have never been one to just take some medicine and call it a day. I have to know why I am the way I am? What happened to make me behave in certain ways? I’ve always had questions so I thought it was time to do something just for me to help me live my life as authentically as possible.

The GG program has definitely helped me understand myself more & has opened my eyes to my past and the impact it has on my behaviour & relationships in the present. I can’t recommend this program enough, I’m actually excited to see what the future holds going forward knowing I have the right tools to deal with any difficult situations that may arise & how to maintain my own energy while doing so!” Kayleigh, 27, Makeup Artist.