Advice Making Important Decisions

“You could be a long way off, or almost there, in terms of feeling confident to make the right decision on something important. This will determine how we work. You may choose to simply talk things through or you may want to cherry pick structured exercises from the Garden Gate® Program to reflect, determine priorities and focus your mind on what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. Exercises can be completed outside the sessions if you want to maximise discussion time. They can be included in sessions if you want to be supported or challenged in your thinking. Our priority will be to achieve your objective in 4 sessions, leaving you confident that you have made the right decision.”

Practicalities: Decision making blocks are 4 extended sessions planned to run weekly, monthly or quarterly to correspond with the nature of the aspect being addressed. Sessions run Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm via Zoom/WhatsApp/telephone call and are 65 minutes long. Individuals £500, couples £600, teams £700+ dependent upon size and composition.

Previous clients include: people considering educational choices, professional change, relationship change, travelling, retirement… 

Approach to decision-making: “As an ‘integrative person centred’ counsellor I am trained to build relationships of deep trust with clients in which my personal opinions and judgement are entirely secondary – this is the way it should be and as a lecturer I know that practice most definitely bears out theory. Some clients either haven’t got time, or don’t want to build a relationship – they face difficult decisions and require straight talking, focused interventions in a pre-determined time frame. Some seek insight from another person’s professional/personal experience. Some feel that a stranger adds input that family and friends can’t provide.

On a personal level, working in this focused format allows me to draw on different zones of my experience at the same time – counselling, lecturing, business, job offer negotiation, family, parenting and relationships.”

Client feedback:

“It’s really changed my life for the better, I can’t believe how much progress I made with Anne in such a short time!”