Integrity: Am I Worth It?

All of us will have felt the pressure to bend towards things which feel uncomfortable or undertake actions, which whilst pleasing others, put us on edge. How do we make the call as to what is important and whether our inner voice should be the one we tune into?

The Oxford Dictionary gives two definitions for integrity: 1 – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; 2 – The state of being whole and undivided. Taken from the Latin ‘integer’, the root of the word means to be intact.

Taking difficult decisions, ones which may go against the people or institutions around us, requires energy, time and careful consideration. It can often feel like a a balancing act which can’t be won. But take heart from the complexity, working through it will ultimately bring you closer to yourself and give you the courage to make decisions which allow you to live life in the way that is right for you. Living with integrity does  not mean that we pit ourselves against others, it means that we keep ourselves intact and optimise our ability to shape a positive world around us.

Don’t look the other way or keep quiet when you know it’s wrong. Don’t allow the systems around you to erode who you are. Maintaining our personal integrity is something that only each of us can do for ourselves – we have to be worth it.