Garden Gate Therapy offers individuals, couples and teams 3 options: counselling, 4 session decision-makers and 2 day high impact self-optimisation programs. For the next few months sessions will be conducted online or on the phone. Some walk and talk options are available along Brighton seafront.

Anne Lindley-French MBA, MA, MBACP, FHEA

Anne is a Counsellor and Founder of the Garden Gate Program. She has a business and lecturing background and is straight-forward, highly supportive, informal and persistent – factors which she likes to think contribute to clients finding her work effective and compassionate. Anne often works with clients who have had counselling before and return to get to the bottom of what has troubled them.

Anne lives in Brighton and is from Sheffield. She lives in a large blended family and has been a single parent and co-parent. Anne is an atheist who believes in people and an optimist who knows there are difficult times.

Counselling provides you with the time, space and ongoing support to fundamentally improve your well-being. Some clients know what they want to work on – tackling depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, relationship breakdown, professional difficulty, addiction, abuse, complex emotions… Others can’t put their finger on it but know the quality of their life has dipped too low. Clients choose the number of sessions they want – from 1 to 100.

“The things you have helped me to come to terms with are too many to mention. You have helped my life back on track after losing all those years.”

4 session decision-makers are focused blocks of extended sessions for people who require a decisive sounding board for personal or professional choices.  Sessions can be weekly, monthly or quarterly and exercises from the Garden Gate® program will be incorporated to suit your purpose.

“It’s really changed my life for the better, I can’t believe how much progress I made with Anne in such a short time!”

2 day Garden Gate® high impact self-optimisation programs are for people who want to achieve a lot in a short space of time. In a 10 part structured program of one to one therapy and focused exercises you will explore your relationship with yourself and those around you, define priorities and communicate them successfully. In two days you will understand yourself better, plan what you want, create a toolkit for change and a monitoring system to maintain it over time.

1 Year Later – Individual 2 Day Program Case Study Update:Before Anne, I had counselling with other practitioners. I found that it made me feel better for a short while, but that the improvement didn’t last.  Within a few weeks of finishing, I’d be right back where I started.  I was a bit apprehensive that the same thing might happen with the Garden Gate: that I would experience a temporary improvement, but that it wouldn’t endure.

Actually, the opposite has been true.  I’ve gained in confidence and strength over the year since my session.  It sounds strange, but it has taken quite some time to get used to being emotionally free of the thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth that used to plague me.  It’s like learning to ice skate: at first I was very tentative and wobbly, and gradually I’ve learned to glide.  It’s not just how I feel inside, either.  In the year since I completely the intensive session, I’ve managed to publish my first piece of writing, and I have several more in the pipeline.  This was unthinkable for me previously.

I have also grown my own business and am starting to put together a five year plan that will hopefully allow me to achieve more of the things I want to do in life. I’m also living a much healthier lifestyle, and spending time with people who make me feel good about myself.  Even my relationships with my family, which were previously difficult, have improved. Anne didn’t just make me feel happier about myself: she gave me back my future.